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Thursday, March 29, 2007

This month's ATC: Lost & Found

These images were taken at a junkyard in Oakland. The lighting conditions were far from ideal, but it was a one-time opportunity. So, as is the case with a lot of photos I take out in the world, you work with what you've got in the best way you can. Sadly, this place no longer exists, except in these pictures. I guess that makes it lost and found and lost again. These images are presented in an accordian book format, eight panels on one side, in case my ATC partner wants to display them all together on a shelf or table of some kind. I also have this collection in a large frame of 16 5x7 prints.

Additional note, and strangely related to the *Lost* & Found theme: I was up till 5 am last Friday night looking for the second set of these negs! I thought that they were lost forever. I told myself "Ok, one more look in the closet and then I am going to sleep." and then I saw the corner of the print envelope sticking up behind a bunch of other stuff. I was so relieved, I just stood there for a minute or two letting my eyes take in the fact they were finally in my hands after all that searching.
*phew!* I hate it when I lose stuff!


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