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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Burning Man Photo Update

It's been several months since I've written in this blog, so I'm going to post a few entries in the next few weeks and hopefully catch up! I was unable to attend the 2016 Burning Man event itself due to work and financial constraints, but thankfully, there are many good online sites that contain pictures. I am going to post a few images and two links here so you can get an idea of the fantastic work Raven Ebner and the others completed to bring some magic to the Playa.

This first link is The Burning Man Journal, text and images by Shalaco. It shows the beginning stages of the project and a nice wide shot of the lighthouses. Here you can get a good idea of the size proportions:

The Senectus (old age) interior, where my Home/nest piece can be seen hanging just underneath the lower main branch on the left side:

Another good source of images is the Black Rock Lighthouse Service Facebook page.  Here you will find pictures of the lighthouses from the beginning building stages to the final burning.

A few noteworthy pics:

photo by Peter Ruprecht

photo by Galen Oakes

photo by Joe Sale

photo by Jesse Rather

Photo by Keith William Trader


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