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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Nomchom at the Sun Gallery's 28th Annual Children's Illustrator Show 2017

Nickolas Heslep and I are honored to be invited to participate in the Sun Gallery's 28th Annual Children's Illustrator Show running from January 19th to March 25th.

The nomchom maquettes in their new mushroom art studio:

Nick and I spent a rainy afternoon working on these mini paintings for the art studio. It was so fun and low key! It made me want to work on some more miniature paintings in the near future, not necessarily nomchom related, but I do like the size and how quickly I was able to complete one. Usually, I have to spend a minimum of three weeks on a painting. Note: The evening/glowing mushroom painting is Nick's creation. The other two are mine.

Swampy in the mushroom art studio with the three new paintings:
 I think he needs a palette and some brushes! I'll have to put that together soon.

Nick in the Sun Gallery store:
Our cards, stickers and patch can be seen on the first two shelves.

If you are in the Bay Area, please stop by and check out this wonderful show. Nick will be at the Artist's Reception on February 11th. For more information and driving directions, check out the Sun Gallery website.


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