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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Call for Art: The Night Gallery Exhibit 2017

Call for Artist Submissions!
New Deadline August 4th

Raven Ebner and I will be curating an exhibit scheduled for the month of November 2017 at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery on Solano Ave. in Albany, CA

The title and theme of the show is The Night Gallery based on Rod Serling’s TV show. Just as the series featured artwork and stories from the darker realms of the imagination, this exhibit will focus on the subject of nightmares, the macabre and tales of the supernatural. Narrative and storytelling will be an important aspect of this show. The artwork you submit should be matched with some form of written narrative such as a poem, song lyrics, short story, excerpt from a longer literary source or a specific story from a Night Gallery episode. The narrative can be written by the artist or it can be derived from a piece of writing by another author. If it was written by someone other than the artist, please include the full name of the author and the narrative source (example: song, poem, short story, tv or film script etc...) in your description. The matching narrative will be presented along with the artwork so that the viewer can consider the relationship between the two. In this way, we will create a gallery experience that engages both the visual senses and the imagination through artwork and words.

The show's display will be slightly different than the usual. Wall space will be utilized to hang works, but this exhibit will also include podiums and possibly easels to create an overall look similar to the gallery space featured in the TV show. To further enhance this experience, we invite the artists to “tell the story” about their artwork to gallery visitors during the opening and closing receptions. As a reference/homage to the host, Rod Serling, we suggest that the artists wear their own version of the RS suit and tie and take on a similar straight-faced tongue-in-cheek approach to the verbal storytelling, if they are comfortable in doing so. As an alternative, separate performers may provide the Rod Serling role and become storytellers for the artists' works.

The Night Gallery exhibit may also include an event series for the duration of the show. One event type could be short talks in-theme with the show (examples of possible topic themes include “Ghost Stories”, “Nightmares Depicted in Art & Literature” and “Visions of Hell”). These presentations would take place in the evening. An entrance fee will be applied to help pay for the speakers and any additional costs for refreshments and drinks. Depending on the space and availability of related performing artists, this exhibit might also incorporate other types of entertainment in the evening time such as dance performances, puppet theater or short plays featuring a limited number of live actors. If you are a performer of some kind, please feel free to submit your idea. As with the visual artists, the content of the performance must be directly related to the overall dark storytelling theme of the show.

The exhibit is open to all artists (over 18 years) working in any medium: Sculpture, Printing, Painting, Photography, Audio Visual, Ceramics, Assemblage, Collage, Mixed Media, Fiber Art, Book Art etc…

There will also be a space for vendors to sell items in the store area of the gallery. Acceptable mediums include jewelry, paper crafts, sculpture, clothing, soap designs, photography and art prints.

All work must be your original design. No works over 50 pounds. 2D work may not exceed six feet in length, must be wired (no sawtooth hangers), and unframed canvases must have painted edges. 3D work may not exceed 36” width/length and 48” height, and must include a stable base or hanging hardware, if applicable. The gallery will furnish pedestals as needed.

The Abrams Claghorn Gallery will take a 50% commission of sales. Your suggested selling price should reflect this percentage. Participating artists may also have the opportunity to sell additional items in the store area of the gallery. Items include art prints, cards, figurines and giclee prints.

Submit your idea/s to by the deadline August 4th  – no exceptions. You may submit up to six works. Please note: This first deadline is for the submission of your idea and associated rough sketches and/or photos, not the finished work itself. Each participating artist will have till October to complete the work that will be in the final show.
Include your name, email address and phone number.
Describe in detail what you plan to create for the exhibit. Include medium sized jpeg images of rough sketches, photographs and any related visual material. If you would like to show existing work, please include information regarding the size. We can work out the details of prices for the individual works farther down the line.

Raven and I look forward to hearing your ideas, narratives/stories and viewing your images! If you have additional questions, please feel free to email
We will do our best to reply as soon as we are able to. We will be in contact about our decisions by mid August.

Thank You!

* Artwork shown in this post was used in the Night Gallery tv show. Artist unknown. I would be happy to give credit if given the information.


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Glad to know about this night gallery. It reminded me of an art event that I attended recently at one of event space Chicago. It was so good to see excellent art work there. Had a lovely time there. Will surely attend such events in future too.

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