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Monday, September 01, 2008

two recent drawings

Ok, so I know I've been a bit lax on keeping up with my blog entries here. However, I have been marginally productive. Posted below are two recent drawings. The first is an ATC for my flickr pal nayski:

The second is a turpentine wash drawing for my second insect painting:

So, you see I haven't been completely lazy and good for nothing, only somewhat. I'm also serving as art director for my friend Andy's film and doing the flower decorations for an upcoming wedding in October. I hope to post some pictures from Andy's film in the next two months in addition to a few more from my own film on Tisnikar - and oh yes, I have a few pictures from my trip to Columbia, CA that I need to post as well. Surprisingly enough, the sustained heat in the car did not damage the film. Lucky me! But please don't take this as an encouragement to overheat your own film. It was very nerve-wracking waiting to see what had happened. I had many visions of damaged images right up to the second before I got them back from the lab. I guess this is one of many convenient advantages of digital over film. You don't have to worry about these types of issues. Still though, there's something special about film that makes me go back to it time and again.

More later...Till then, feel free to comment on my raven and moth.